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Since 1997, SHIMONO engineer is developing a technology that able to provide the highest efficiency to the vacuum cleaner. Until today, Our SHIMONO had success to develop a new generation air flow system called “PRO - CYCLONE SYSTEM”.


The technology is builds and operates in “L” shape circle air flow system. It is the world first cyclone system that facilitating to increase the efficiency of suction power to maximum in vacuum cleaner.   


This new generation of air flow cyclone system, it’s providing the maximum consistence suction power in the entire vacuuming process without limitation on any angle or degree. Not like the others traditional and ordinary cyclone/ cyclonic system that found on the current market, there are totally incomparable.


When vacuuming, the dusts will only leaning against the dust container, far away from the filter to provide the consistence suction power in the entire operating. Even the dust container filled full of dust, the suction power will not be reduce.   


With this amazing result, our Technology Pro-Cyclone system is registered in WORLDWIDE patent copyright in the global market.


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